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Producer - Refiner -sender 

Welcome on our new company website.

We are producing shellfishes, oysters and mussels on the Guérande's Peninsula since 2001.

We are selling our products all year round on the locals markets .


You will find on this website an introduction to our company and products as well as our team and activity. You will  find further information about our products cooking recipes and much more.

Hope you will enjoy your visit on our website.

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Les Huitres de Bretagne


Moules de bouchot

Where to Find us

Produit en presqu'ile de Guérande

We are working in the bay of Biscay in Southern Brittany.

Our shellfish farming company is located in the bay of Mesquer,  Pen-Bé .

Conveniently located on the quayside of the small river of the "Mes" we  have a quick access to our oyster and mussel farms . Our freshly picked shellfishes are cleaned and sorted before being shipped to be sold as soon as possible on the local markets  

Our Company

Located on the bay of Biscay  between Mesquer and penestin

Get to know us

Our Team

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Oysters, Mussels, Shellfish and crustaceans

Place your order online or by phone and come retrieve your products on your local market or get delivered directly at home.

Available on demand : Coquille Saint Jacques , Crustaceans , lobster , scampi , alive

Where to Buy

Find us all year round on the local markets

Day Low Season (from September to June)
High Season (From June to September)
  Piriac Sur Mer
La Baule Escoublac (Avenue Lajarrige)


La Baule Escoublac (Avenue Lajarrige)


 La Baule Escoublac

La Baule Escoublac (Avenue Lajarrige)

Piriac Sur Mer

AM : La Baule Escoublac / Piriac Sur Mer

PM: (17h-19h) : Guenrouet

La Turballe / Guenrouet / Plessé Mesquer / La Turballe 


 100% Organic

Except for the larval stage hatchery all livestock phases are performed in an open environment . 

All the food is provided naturally by the ocean . (plankton)

Shellfish farming helps the Water clarification as shellfishes are filtering the seawater and  promoting the development of the aquatic population.

Farmed shellfishes form reefs on which many animal and plant species thrive .

They thus contribute to increasing the biodiversity of the estuary and coastal areas


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Order your seafood for Xmas

We are actively working on our site , and it will soon be possible to order your products online.

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